Attention - Freelancers, Managers, Marketers, and Other Content Professionals:
If You're Having Trouble Generating Quality Traffic For Your Various PLR Content Websites/Products, Then Read This Advice VERY Carefully...

"Learn How To Generate Daily Streams Of Laser-Targeted Buyer Traffic For Your Websites & High-Quality PLR Inventory...
With MINIMAL Effort!"

WARNING: You're about to learn and master secret, elite leverage techniques to generate server-crushing waves of laser-targeted BUYER traffic for DAILY revenue streams ON-DEMAND with ZERO CASH OUTLAY...


From: Lee Davis


Dear Fellow Content Professional,

You know that generating QUALITY traffic to
your Private Label Rights salespages, as well as
stocking them with high-quality, unique
inventory is no mean feat.

It requires organization, stamina, outside-the-box thinking, master planning, crampy budgeting, obssessive tracking, as well as countless other factors adding up to tasking overload

It requires current knowledge about marketing media as well as budgeted sourcing for your content consumption needs.

It also demands specialized knowledge about promotional methodology, copywriting acuity, keyword phrasing, strategic advertising, inventory location, pricing, and quality…

And even with accounting for all of these factors and an applied, concentrated effort;

There's STILL Plenty Of Room For Error!

You could...

    Choose a garbage product
    Create an irrelevent product
    Fail to leverage a niche for its' real issues
    Spend way too much money unwisely

Or, you may be enjoying success in several profitable niches, but you...

    Are always strapped for operational budget
    Have no access to operational tracking and adjustment tools
    Encounter market forces destroying any carefully-crafted plans

Indeed, there are a million and one things that can go south in the PLR product creation and marketing process. But, from now on, traffic generation – a place where so many content professionals stumble – need NOT be it.

Today, you are going to learn how to supercharge your content revenue generation efforts.

But before I tell you exactly what it is, let me tell you what it will do:

It Will Allow You to…

Formulate REPLICABLE Strategies To
Generate Laser-Targeted BUYER Traffic
With NO Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Now, I haven't told you exactly what I'm going to reveal to you. All I've told you is that it will enable you to generate buyer traffic for your PLR inventory…quickly and easily.

Just take a second to let that sink in.

This will allow you to…

    Sell more units of any products you currently have at market.
    Create virtually any content-related product imaginable (provided others find it useful)… and, within a matter of days, be able to send hungry, interested prospects to its' sales page.
    Promote high-end, high-commission product affiliateships, having the ability to siphon massive amounts of buyers… and from any niche at any time - at will!
    Eliminate your currently-draggy marketing costs flattening any potential revenue…
    Advertise your inventory/services quickly and easily with new, unique offerings at your leisure…

In short, this thing I'm describing will eliminate almost any struggle with taking your content profit game to its' next logical level.

Now, think about the implications of freeing up time from the incessant need for selling…

What Would Repeat
FREE Traffic Generation
Mean For Your Business?

Would it mean that you could…

Profit more from your current inventory?
Streamline your business operations?
Acquire that long sought-after purchase?
Relocate or upgrade your work/home space?
Pamper your family with formerly unattainable items?
Present high-quality eProducts to your current customer base?
Trade your current job for a life-long career?
Be relaxed (almost) all the time?
Eliminate debt completely?
Adopt a laptop lifestyle, rather than live the soul-crushing 9-to-5 sentencing?
Feel good about having a career you can take anywhere on Earth?!?

IN SHORT, if you master generating laser-targeted BUYER traffic, then you truly can get ahead and up out of the Rat Race!

You CAN be as paid as you want to be!

You CAN create your own work schedule!

You CAN eliminate the need for outside employment!

And You CAN be proud of yourself for breaking free!

But now that I’ve said all of that, it's time for you to return to the planet
– to ground yourself and your dreams.

You Need To Focus On The HERE And NOW!

Because, before you start, you'll need to disabuse yourself of previously-employed advice… in order to fully embrace what you'll be told.

You'll be…

Learning Where You Were SHOWN Wrong. . .

In the past, you made erroneous assumptions about traffic generation...

Obviously, resulting in poor performance on returns (if, any).

As simple as that.

So why were these assumptions made? Maybe…

You read a few ebooks, browsed a few forums, and then starting playing "Follow The Herd", common behavior amongst niche types like Internet Marketing (IM) or Make Money Online (MMO). Indeed, it is hard to escape the canned garbage so-called experts espouse and semi-successful marketers blather on about in every last forum and blog they can possibly blowhard to.

And this is, pretty much, what happened to you.

When the Marketing/Money crowd nulled perfectly-functional (and delivering) free sources of traffic, you bought in.

When AdSense™ was revealed to have generated massive amounts of traffic with its' usage, you bought in (and began losing money).

It all seemed to make sense at the time.

Or So You thought...

It makes sense that simple and FREE traffic generation methods probably don't work well. Otherwise, who would pay to generate traffic?!?

It makes sense that costly, complex traffic generation methods probably do work well. Most people aren't rich because they can't figure out how to use them.

When you made these assumptions, you were steered wrong. But don't feel bad;
Virtually ALL online profiteers make these same mistakes.

It is for that exact reason that they CONDEMN themselves to generating traffic through costly, complex approaches, when, in fact, they would have far more success with simpler, cheaper means.

But when you think about it, I didn't need to tell you that…

You Already Knew This On Your Own!

You knew that complex marketing methods simply weren't ever going to make you rich, no matter how much advice you read or bought said otherwise.

You KNEW that wasting countless hours and dollars on difficult-to-understand marketing strategies simply weren't going to cut it.

For those who want to pour tremendous effort into creating campaigns, testing, retooling, and then testing them again… great. The results are likely to be cost-effective and the traffic is likely to be laser-targeted.

For the vast majority of online profiteers (and especially those at the noob or intermediate level), these complex strategies are NOT any sort of an option.

Not only do they unnecessarily kill time, but they rarely produce outcomes that can be justified by the fiduciary investment.

Now that you know and accept this, it's time to accept another, more fundamental truth – something that the marketing savvy understand all too well.

Most Of The Best Traffic Generation

Methods Are Absolutely FREE!

That's right: while there many great paid outlets for generating traffic for your site, many of the methods that marketing gurus actually use to generate traffic for product launches are completely free.

Why do you think that…

You often hear about products from friends and affiliates of online marketers, rather than themselves…even when they’re advocating paid methods?
SEO product creators market their products through joint ventures and recruit affiliates to sell for them – even while they simultaneously espouse SEO as the only necessary means of traffic generation?
Most marketing gurus maintain a large base of newsletter subscribers and market to them frequently?
Marketing gurus write reports and then give them away for free?

Really, think about that. It's no mistake that this occurs.

They're conscious efforts on the part of savvy marketers to make money by working through the most effective marketing outlets. In the aforementioned cases, they all happen to be free.

For you, the same can be true. You don't have a half-dozen "guru" pals you can hit up for some JV action, but you do have DOZENS of free and very low-cost options available to you when it comes to marketing…

In fact, there are many free traffic generation methods that you have access to now, but you're probably ignoring them because someone told you they wouldn't work.

Fortunately, now that you've disabused yourself of those previous, terrible notions – thinking in terms of what gurus DO, rather than what they tell YOU to do – you can finally realize and accept how good the opportunity is that I'm about to offer you…

This is not only an opportunity to change how you operate to generate traffic, but it's also a means to an increase in time and potential revenue.

The opportunity I'm offering is a custom-tailored eCourse named…

Unlike most eCourses you may have enrolled in previously, "Content Fliphammer™" is substantially different.

A JAM-PACKED, self-service information vault detailing EXACTLY how you can leverage marketing methods that have no out-of-pocket costs to earn as much as you want.

And just so you know, when I say as much as you want, I mean…

As little as a few hundred dollars extra every month…

Or even substantially greater amounts per year if you have the will, and good fortune!

There are many advantages that "Content Fliphammer™" has, but one stands head and shoulders above the rest.

And that is that it has detailed, step-by-step, carefully-written, illustrated instructions for generating traffic and inventory using free methods.

Unlike other eCourses, with opaque instructions which sloppily omit important details…"Content Fliphammer™" ensures that you walk away with a full understanding of content buyer traffic generation by providing you with clear illustrations and nuanced instructions.

Enough blather, let's outline the content.

What You Will Find Inside

"Content Fliphammer™"

This is NOT your typical content marketing "how-to" eCourse. It's a seam-busting, fluff-less, free traffic and inventory generation reference that contains a complete explanation of the marketing strategy created for you.

If you're used to under-delivery of reconstituted, poo-smelling, badly-elucidated content, "Content Fliphammer™" will be a breath of fresh air.

Rather than the average, slap-dash content marketing ecourse approach (i.e. glossing over moving parts, assuming you know things that you don't, and half-stepping explanations when complete understanding is mandatory), "Content Fliphammer™" provides you with content that you would expect from an instructional manual…only more interesting and with illustrations.

Instead of encountering the ambiguous, obfuscated language you normally find, you get precise, detailed examples, including screenshots, and step-by-step instructions that go to great lengths to not omit any relevant information.

Furthermore, the content inside – quite simply – is complete.

Not only does it contain tested, tried, and reliable methods of free traffic generation, but it also lays out current strategies for 2017 – ones that have yet to surface!

To give you just a small taste, you will…

    Learn how to REALLY USE video sharing, press release, and other familiar niche sites to bolster your search engine rankings to significantly increase traffic
    Learn how to leverage Social sites to consistently generate laser-targeted traffic streams
    Learn how to leverage automation effectively for laser-targeted BUYER traffic and leads DAILY
    Learn simple, yet powerful, strategies for getting more organic search engine traffic
    Learn how you can turn your content into laser-targeted BUYER traffic generation weapons

And This Is Only A FRACTION Of What

You'll Find In This Jam-Packed eCourse…

These strategies alone will empower you to generate thousands more potential buyers each month than you could with your current set.

And, best of all…the out-of-pocket costs are nil. All you have to do is put forth some concentrated effort and follow the directions carefully. The results flow naturally from your efforts.

In addition to this plethora of strategy, you'll also become adept at using content in ways that you never thought profitable previously.

For instance, you will learn exactly how you can turn a piece of PLR content into an unstoppable vehicle for laser-targeted BUYER traffic generation.

Also, you'll learn how to take any relevant PLR content from your current inventory and…

    Use it to generate laser-targeted traffic from content submission sites… by capturing more "click-throughs" and improvement upon your search engine rankings
    Embed your content with a virulence that you can use to spawns waves of traffic from social sources and referrals
    Place it strategically on a number of different sites – including your own – to maximize your search engine rankings

While you might have a rough idea of how to use some of these strategies, there's a good chance you're missing an important step or two. Precisely why this eCourse contains step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

You'll also learn how to create PLR-driven, high-quality content submissions and…

    Generate scads of visitors DAILY by tapping free traffic generation sources
    Post to several strategic locations to ensure that it is: 1) frequently seen; and 2) generates steady, laser-targeted BUYER traffic
    Enter it into website directories, so that you can generate a lightning-fast storm of traffic to your domain or sub-domain

And, when it comes to content marketing, that's not all "Content Fliphammer™" offers. There are sub-sections in the book that cover a range of content marketing strategies, including…

    How to use any niche profitably. While many people are capable of creating and submitting decent content, few are capable of consistently converting it into cash. These sub-sections will provide definite solutions to content monetization problems.
    How to take advantage of social bookmarking sites, where humans, rather than algorithms, rank your content.
    How to target and market to niche blogs – using them as traffic generation drivers for your products.

And, of course, everything I've told you covers only a fraction of what's found in "Content Fliphammer™". To further whet your appetite, you'll also learn…

    Different strategies for generating repeat, free, laser-targeted traffic.
    How to apply unorthodox marketing strategies to your daily promotional missions.
    How to use emerging marketing strategies, including a handful most online marketers have never encountered…
    How to use social strategies driven by content submission, and other invaluable marketing approaches…

And It Doesn't End There. . .

"Content Fliphammer™" alone contains enough wallop to help you generate thousands of leads per month with very concentrated effort

But I'm not stopping at just this eCourse… To really sweeten the deal and give you no excuses to not grab this, here's an
Extremely Time Limited Bonus at NO EXTRA COST!

Limited Fast Action Bonus - FIRST 250 ONLY!

HomeOffice™ eBiz Tools Package

Grab my red-hot eBiz sales tools. In this package, I will give you everything you need to smoothly work your plans!

In this tool package, you won't have to waste valuable time activating your approaches... just set them up so your sales sites to get a noticeable traffic boost.

Some of the tools included are:

The #1 marketing element used to siphon buyers into your sales funnel across any niche you choose!

A simple tool likely to increase readership of your sales pages by a decent percentage

A tool to proactively increase site and inventory sales

And Much, Much More...

Any one of these tools will take you less than 5 minutes to implement and are a bonus with your order!!

A $1500 Real World Value!

Here's A Wrap-Up Of Everything You'll Get . . .

CONTENT FLIPHAMMER™ - eCourse Registration
Brand new traffic system!
Limited Fast Action Bonus - HomeOffice™ eBiz Tools Package - First 250 Only!
Manual Companion Toolset
Grand Total Value:  $67!

(We reserve the right to end this discount without warning)


This HUGE vault of traffic generation info is brimming over with methods you've heard of, but haven't applied correctly, as well as, strategies you've NEVER used before.

This complete system could very easily sell for $97 or more... In fact, much smaller reports that contain only a fraction of this information sell for that much every single day.

But I’m NOT going to charge you even that.


RESERVE Your Spot In The "Content Fliphammer™" eCourse TODAY!

I'm NOT going to charge you what you might pay

I'm NOT going to extort your last pennies. Once you make use of the "Content Fliphammer™" system, I know you'll be hungry for more.

Now, I could exhaustively browbeat you into enrolling, but I doubt that'd work as you know what you want. And you know what the results could be if you decide to join.

At this point, YOU are the only one able to make money for you…

It's time now to do what successful marketers DO, rather than what they tell you to do…

It's Time To For YOU To
Make Money From FREE Traffic Generation

And you'll do this with one of the more professionally-created eCourses you've seen currently.

Grab a spot in the Content
eCourse right now…

TAKE ACTION NOW! Click the button below to access your spot immediately for $97 only $67 – a mere fraction of this power-packed eCourses' value.

Our Risk-Free eCourse Pledge:

If you're apprehensive about enrolling, it's completely expected. You can preview the eCourse without taking on the $67 risk. If, at any point after signup, you find that the information doesn't live up to my pronouncements, you're welcome to unsubscribe!

And there you have it: a great deal… and at NO RISK TO YOU! So, do yourself a favor and grab a spot now before I raise the price - and, after the course is underway, I WILL raise the price…

eCourse Access: You get INSTANT access to the registration page
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To Your INEVITABLE Success!

Mr. Lee Davis

P.S. The price will be going up VERY SOON... so take advantage of this now while it's still $67.This is easily one of the best opportunities you will encounter to date. This system will change how you generate buyer traffic and sell inventory!

P.P.S. Remember! You have my 100% no risk preview offer stamped on this. If for whatever reason you do not see improved results to your website traffic, just drop me a line so we can work together on your problem(s) before hastily unsubscribing (all enrollments final - no refund chargebacks as this is an informational course).

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