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MoonMoon: PHP app displaying RSS feeds on-page

MoonMoon only aggregates feeds and displays them on a single page. No archiving articles, or commenting, or voting. The features that make it of interest to any user include;* Quick 2-step setup* No database, or cronjob needed* Easy-to-use administration panel (Main Link) (GitHub Link) (Promo Backup Link)

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Script Users Register, Login, Online

Script designed to register and log users into a website, show the number of online users, and provide a members' area. Uses PHP, MySQL and Ajax / JavaScript (with jQuery) [degrades gracefully if JavaScript disabled]. The connection to MySQL with PDO means more database security (and peace-of-mind for you). The script is in two versions: Advanced, and Simple. (Main Link) (GitHub Link) (Promo Backup Link)(contains BOTH script versions)

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