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Folks, it's NOT free but it's extremely cheap for all it is and does. This is a foray into Web 3.0 for the Article Directory script format from a visionary perspective. Compared to the current crop of 800-lb gorilla content repositories, Promodrone is light enough to dodge-and-outrun them, yet heavyweight enough to compete. On the fringes currently, anyway.

The question inevitably has to be asked, "Just what's in it for me?", and, coming from those who would be the desired target market (content freelancers, bum/affiliate content marketers, and other writer types in general), it would take them all of a few seconds to peruse the search engine landing page to see what a no-brainer of a deal they'd be getting at only $7. 

Not only are they getting their content published instantly, but their articles and blogs hit the site homepage upon publication. As well, there's a members' area where there are three other sections; video ads, testimonials, and user wall posts, that are also posted to the homepage. Five methods of sticking out to gain traffic for whatever is being written about. The heyday of the content marketer is about to make a comeback. With those heavyweight content sites disallowing promotional and affiliate links, these disaffected writers are about to find a new home with more amenities than they got everywhere else they've ever been.