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Private Label & Master Resale Rights Products - MASSIVE PACKAGE - $7!

Plus, Get Your Very Own Copy of This Sales Page to Use for Your Own One Time Offers and Watch Your Profits Explode Through The Roof!

That's why I'm going to slide all this over to you . . . the graphics, the sales copy, the products, everything that you need to start using this on your very own One Time Offers.

This ALONE  is worth hundreds of dollars. If you're not a crack designer who can craft eye-catching graphics, or a successful copywriter putting together a profit-pulling sales letter, the cost of an offer like this wouldn't allow you to go into business in the first place.

Because of the high quality of all of the products involved, and the fact that you will be receiving your very own copy of this page for your own use, I could very easily sell this package at WAY OVER $97!

You can get all FIFTY  PLR & MRR products, plus your copy of this page for your own use!

And when you count in your copy of this page to run your own special offers . . . this offer IS a steal!

That's the great thing about this offer - you get quite a few options here including;

  • Using this same offer for YOUR One Time Offers

  • Selling each of these products individually

  • Using these products yourself and profiting from all of them

  • Breaking this down into 4 or 5 other special offers . . .It's ALL up to YOU!

Take a look at what you'll be able to profit with once you download this package…

PLR Product #1 - 50 HomeBiz Newsletter Msgs


Who Else Wants To Tap Into the strength of PLR, and Harness These Newsletter Messages For Use With Their List?!?
(Worth $67)

From Content Producers, To Info Product Marketers, Everyone Is Tapping Into PLR, Isn't About Time You Applied These Newsletters To YOUR List?


PLR Product #2 - Business Stock Photos

Are You Tired of Trying to Find Non-Copyrighted, Royalty-Free Business Images?
(Worth $97)

If you’ve ever tried to sort through the world of stock photos, you probably noticed there are nearly a dozen terms restricting just how you're able to use them. Problem is, you need non-copyrighted, royalty-free images – and these are the most sought-after by marketers who need images for their products and content daily!


PLR Product #3 - Traffic Generation Video Course

Ten Step-By-Step Video eCourse On The WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, And HOW Of Traffic Generation Using Completely Free Methods 100%!
(Worth $97)

In Less Than 10 Videos You Could Have The "Server Crushing" Potential Buyer Traffic On Your Website & Less Than Minutes After Watching!


PLR Product #4 - Entrepreneur Blog Site Template Package

Here's Your Ready-Made Entrepreneurial Blog Site That YOU Can Build A List AND Profit From Google Adsense With..., Including Articles, Keywords, Templates, Themes, AND MORE!!
(Worth $97)


Entrepreneur Blog Site Package comes with ALL - necessary scriptage for beginners new to blogging.

This is your opportunity to discover how you too can boost your monthly income by adding a new time-tested revenue stream to your arsenal of web sites - PLUS MUCH MORE!



PLR Product #5 - Ultimate Website Graphics Package

This set is the punch you need to help your site(s) stand out!
(Worth $67)


Reinforce your site visual cache and impress first-time visitors.

Get Some Of The Best Website Graphics To Recommend Your Campaigns To Potential Buyers! - GET IT NOW!



PLR Product #6 - Debt Credit Repair Site Template Package

Discover 750 Ways To Repair Your Credit. . . It's Having A Way To Get Out Of Debt At Your Neediest!
(Worth $97)

This package includes some of the most effective tools, and its' completeness makes it perfect if you're looking for quick credit repair tactics!


PLR Product #7 - Contact Desk

Who Says Making a Helpdesk Page Can't Be Easy?  With This Script, You Can Quickly Pump Out High Quality Contact Pages With Ease!
(Worth $67)


Just think about it. Which of the following would you rather be doing? Spending time with the kids, going out to eat, watching a good movie or trudging through creating a time-consuming contact page?

The answer, I'm sure you'll agree, is obvious. Anything but this!


PLR Product #8 - Split Test Profits Automation System

Incredible Sales Page Hacks: Experience an increase in their sales message imapct!
(Worth $197)

    • Learn this easy step by step approach to increasing the profitability of your salespages

  • Discover The best content to create and recycle

  • See in a glance if any given page configuration will be profitable or not

  • Discover how to Build Your Page before you even start to produce a product

  • And so much more!


PLR Product #9 - Fast Content Producer

Discover How to Use Content Creation Software to Send Your Online Profits Soaring Through the Roof!
(Worth $147)

  • Start Building the High-Quality Content Sites You Need to Succeed on the Internet Today!

  • Boasts over 20 ready-to-use web page templates – also allows advanced users to easily create their own templates!

  • Allows you to select the content setting for each web page to maximize ad exposure and usability!

  • Enables you to add RSS feeds to your pages – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to do when you follow the program’s simple steps!

  • Allows you to build and add sign-up forms to ANY page – take advantage of this feature and watch your sign-ups increase dramatically!

  • And much, much more!


PLR Product #10 - Simple Sale Copy

Here’s Your Chance to Finally Get the Laser-Targeted, High-Quality Sales Copy You Need to Grow Your Business & Explode Your Profits!
(Worth $197)

Imagine Being Able to Produce Hot, Effective Sales Copy at the Touch of a Button! … Now Stop Imagining & Make It All a Reality with the Simple Sales Copy Software Program … A great way to ensure you don’t spend too much time writing and too little time on other important parts of your business.


PLR Product #11 - Viral Article Publisher

Discover How to Submit Your Viral Articles to All of the Top Websites … With a Simple Click of Your Mouse!
(Worth $97)

Thanks to the amazing Viral Article Publisher software program, you can now actually select as many of the top article-accepting websites as you want and submit your article instantly to them all at once by clicking a simple button!


The Viral Article Publisher makes it easier than ever before for you to get free advertising while also freeing up time that you used to waste remembering or locating website addresses and then typing them into your web browser.


Get the Viral Article Publisher & Put Yourself on the Fast Track to Online Business Success!


PLR Product #12 - Flipping Content For Profits

Grab this rare opportunity to increase your success by learning the methods used to go from nada to regular paychecks by flipping content...

This internet marketing tactic and knowledge is powerful and profitable and understandable even for the average noob!


PLR Product #13 - PLR Wordpress Themes

Who Else Wants The Private Label Rights To 40 Premium Wordpress Themes You Can Sell For PURE Profit?
(Worth $97)


That's 40 PREMIUM Wordpress Themes, Compatible With All Versions Of Wordpress, Widget Ready & Cross Browser Compatible...

Sell Them In Bulk, Sell Them On Their Own, Give Them Away...Do Whatever You Want With Them!


PLR Product #14 - Social Madness

Discover The Social Websites You'd Like To Benefit From -- 31-page list of them for your usage...
(Worth $47)

  • The ins and outs of their ranking (both Google & Alexa)

  • Tons of sites for your perusal

  • Exactly what sites are under which Social tag

  • And More!


PLR Product #15 - Classified Marketing Secrets

Deliver Targeted Traffic Straight To Your Site At The Snap Of A Finger . . . And It Doesn’t Cost A Thing!
(Worth $97)

Stop jumping from traffic method to traffic method. You’re about to discover a traffic building tool that will drive thousands of targeted customers to your doors steadily.

Classified Marketing Secrets is only for serious readers. You have to be willing to put in the time and effort to learn to make this work.


PLR Product #16 - One-Time-Offer Templates



Use This Done-For-You, Already-Proven Methodology To Dominate Your Niche And Then Use Your Influence To Market To Your Very Own Devoted Members!
(Worth $67)

Quickly & Easily Dominate ANY Niche You Desire With The Use Of These One-Time-Offer Templates!


PLR Product #17 - Profit Streams

Don't Laugh When I Tell You I Can Generate Residual Income With Just One Resource Listed Here
(Worth $27)

  • The Concepts Behind These Revenue Streams

  • How You Can Implement These Strategies No Matter What Niche Market You Are In

  • Techniques On How To Find The Right Product To Promote

  • How To Rake In Residual Income… Month After Month

  • And More!


PLR Product #18 - Viral Traffic Generation

Discover Amazing Marketing Secrets That Will Absolutely Flood Your Website with Traffic…With No Additional Cost!!
(Worth $27)

So how do I win more traffic where so many others have tried and failed?  This guide will take you by the hand and show you how to get your site viral traffic generation program up and running and ready to generate a flood of new visitors!


PLR Product #19 - Half-Million-Plus-PLR-Article-Pack

Warning - The following content may help you actually start - PROFITING - and not joining the OTHER PLR articles collecting "Digital Dust" on your Hard Drive . . .
(Worth $97)

  • Adopt A High-Profit PLR "Broker" Strategy & Mentality

  • "Niche-ify" These PLR Articles For Maximum Sales, Better Conversions & Higher Profits

  • The Reason Why PLR Content (Used Correctly) is your "Secret Weapon"

  • A Half-Million Article Arsenal!


PLR Product #20 - HTML Article Templates Pack

Build & Maintain An Inventory Of HTML Article Templates To Make Your Content Stand Out!
(Worth $67)



If you've been wondering how some content just seems to just jump off of the page when you're reading it, it has a lot to do with form and presentation. Have problems with HTML/CSS? Use these ready-made article templates and create content head and shoulders above the competition!


PLR Product #21 - My Biz Manager Software

New Push-button Easy Suite Of Enterprise Digital Tools Will Help You Business Bigger, Faster, and EASIER Than Ever Before!
(Worth $47)

Now you can hone professional attention to enterprise details easily with this powerhouse software and collection of custom modules to bring order to your sales game.


PLR Product #22 - Split Pay Pro

Do you want to double, triple, or even quadruple your sales and the number of affiliates promoting your products and services? Pay your partners first and watch your income explode!
(Worth $97)

  • Be popular with all your affiliates and pay them sale revenues 1st!

  • Easy to install script!


PLR Product #23 - The Ultimate PLR Firesale

The Ultimate "Business-In-A-Box" For Cashing-in Like Never Before . . .
(Worth $97)

  • 14 Original, High Quality Products With Full Unrestricted Private Label Rights (w/Sales Letters) & A Real World Value Of $13,981.45!

  • Over 1200 Pages Of Rock Solid Content With Full Unrestricted Private Licensing Rights (with Salesletters Included)!


PLR Product #24 - Internet Marketing Jumpstart eCourse

Boost Your Subscriber List 300% by Using This Unique eCourse!
(Worth $97)


Imagine having a system that grabs your visitor and makes sure that they refer their friends?

If you want to max out on the list building potentials of ANY of YOUR websites, then Internet Marketing Jumpstart can perk up you sluggish list in less than 24 hours!


PLR Product #25 - Social Graphics Set

No More Boring Old Social Graphics On Your New Websites... Keep Your Website Looking Current And NOW!
(Worth $47)

Update your website or salespage with these graphics that can be applied to their namesake resources, or used in your personal projects.


As a famous, deceased musician I'm very fond of used to say (often),
"Did You Say You Want Some More? Well, Here's Some MORE. . ."


MRR Product #1 - 100 Web Business Models


100 ways Online Entrepreneurs Can Get Their Cut Of The Multi-Billion Dollar Action!
(Worth $47)

Isn't About Time You Applied This Information To YOUR Business Interests?


MRR Product #2 - ConTEXT Ad Generator 2.0

Instantly & Effortlessly Boost Your Websites Income By 300% Or More Using The Very Latest Profit Producing, Context Ad Technology!
(Worth $17)

In just a few simple steps, you can turn the text on any of your websites into an instant hands free income stream - Guaranteed!
Start Getting The Commissions You Deserve!


MRR Product #3 - Rolodex Poster

Discover How To Crank Up Your Website PageRank & Boost Your Search Engine Ranking & Positioning With A Powerful Web Directory Submitter Software System!
(Worth $37)

Contains over 200 directories that you can submit your sites to, Automatically rotate multiple titles, descriptions and keywords to make sure your links seem natural and be able to rank for multiple keywords, And SO MUCH MORE!!!


MRR Product #4 - Footer Cash

Easy to use software makes it simple to monetize your page footer areas!!
(Worth $67)


If you are a blogger or a website owner, you obviously want to make money from what you’ve written inside your blog right?.

- This is your opportunity to discover how you too can boost your monthly income by adding a new time-tested revenue stream to your arsenal of websites - AND MORE!



MRR Product #5 - Affiliate Social Buttons

This WordPress Plugin lets your readers share your affiliate site links!
(Worth $67)


Leverage the power of Viral Marketing.

Get This Plugin To Help You Get The Down-And-Dirty Work Outta The Way! - GET IT NOW!



MRR Product #6 - Instant Dating Site Software

...Built Automatically In 2 Minutes Flat
(Worth $67)

Instantly Create Your Own Complete Moneymaking Website Featuring Adsense And Amazon Ads, Unique Web Pages, SEO Solutions, Matching Niche Videos And Much More!


MRR Product #7 - Membership Site Kickstarter eCourse

Who Says Making a Site For Members Can't Be Easy?  With This eCourse, You Can Quickly Learn How To Pump Out High Quality Sites With Ease!
(Worth $47)


Would you rather be doing membership sites, or just wondering how to?

The answer, is obvious. And this eCourse will get you there!


MRR Product #8 - Affiliate Directories List

Announce Your Affiliate Program And Commissions Schedule With This Listing: Helping Generate Your Own Affiliate Sales Army... At Your Leisure!
(Worth $67)

    • Learn where to go to get your affiliate sales force.

  • Easy reference guide with listing by subject and category.

  • Increase your affiliate program membership tenfold.

  • And so much more!


MRR Product #9 - Unlimited Social Traffic

Discover 7 Powerful Ways To Generate UNLIMITED Traffic To Your Site And The Best Part Is -- It's FREE!
(Worth $47)

  • Attention: Website owners who want more customers, profits and traffic...

  • Piggy Back On These High Traffic Websites To Gain More Customers, Profits and Traffic!

  • Social media optimization techniques!

  • And More!


MRR Product #10 - Smart Links V2.0

How To Quickly & Easily Protect Your Affiliate Commissions From Link Choppers, Look 1000 Times More Professional, And Instantly Increase Your Affiliate Profits By 900% Or More... Guaranteed!
(Worth $97)


MRR Product #11 - Web Traffic Flood

Simple Methods and Techniques That Anyone Can Use To Generate a Flood of Traffic To Their Website...
(Worth $47)

As an online business owner you simply can't survive without traffic, right? If you're serious about your online business then you MUST make traffic generation one of your top priorities.


MRR Product #12 - 30 Day Bum Marketing Blueprint

Here's Your Opportunity to Finally Make BUM Marketing A Huge Success with a 30 Day Plan You CAN Follow...
(Worth $97)

Everyone Knows that BUM (Article) Marketing is a Great Way to Generate Traffic and Sales for FREE...Now You Can Follow Simple Action Steps To Make a Pile of Cash From BUM Marketing!


It's Really, Really Easy - IF You Have a PLAN!


These are the Ingredients for Your Recipe to Success And all it Needs Now is YOU!


MRR Product #13 - Business-Plan-Blueprint

Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Finally Boost Your Business Over The Top With The Right Business Plan!
(Worth $47)

To Build Your Business It Is Crucial That You Have The Correct Info And Tools And Learn How To Build A Correct Business Plan!


MRR Product #14 - 20 Ways To Make An Online Income

Discover Simple Steps To Creating The Kind Of Online Income You'd Like -- Sucking In Cash DAILY...
(Worth $47)

  • The ins and outs of ads and how to start using them to your advantage

  • How to develop and design a niche websites - follow this simple guide to get the highest click-throughs

  • Exactly what content you will need for your niche website. Content is king but knowing what to write can be confusing

  • And More!


MRR Product #15 - Complete Guide To Twitter Traffic

Deliver Targeted Traffic Straight To Your Site At The Snap Of A Finger . . . And It Doesn’t Cost A Thing!
(Worth $27)

Stop jumping from traffic method to traffic method. You’re about to discover a revolutionary new traffic building tool that will drive thousands of targeted customers to your doors in minutes, not hours.

Twitter isn't only for website owners interested in viral social marketing. If you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn what it takes to make tweeting work, then you’ll from these insights.


MRR Product #16 - Facebook Powerhouse



ATTENTION: Website Owners and Digital Marketers...Discover How to Finally Drive Huge Traffic from Facebook and Profit
(Worth $47)

This Guide is Filled With Tips and Ideas That Will Allow You to Finally Take Your Facebook Game to the Next Level. Stop Messing Around and Start Driving Huge Traffic TODAY!


MRR Product #17 - ClikGate Pro

Warning: If you are selling online, do you REALLY KNOW how many people are accessing your products - WITHOUT PERMISSION or PAYMENT?
(Worth $67)

  • This exciting code is perfect for protecting your files, or a members subscription site.

  • With automated signups, protection against password distribution and abuse, and full personalization capabilities, this script has it all.

  • Instantly and Easily Setup a Fully Automated Password Protected Directory.

  • Never Again Will You Fall Victim to Password Distribution!

  • And More!


MRR Product #18 - Instant Adsense Article Directory

At Last! Discover How You Can Make Money With Google AdSense With Your Very Own "Authority" Site Without Having To Write One Word of Content!
(Worth $97)

A super to easy article directory script along with uncommon strategies finally give you the chance to create a high ranking authority site in any niche you want no matter how much competition...


MRR Product #19 - Really Easy QR Generator

Warning - It's NOT Rocket Science. . .It's REALLY EASY! Make Your OWN QR Codes Lickety-Split!
(Worth $97)

  • QR Codes are part of the eCommerce landscape and isn't ever going away. Get your own QR code maker NOW!


MRR Product #20 - Video Traffic Guru

FINALLY: You Can Drive THOUSANDS of Hungry Buyers to Your Offers!!
(Worth $47)



If you have been sitting around wondering how some people seem to get so darn rich off of the internet when you are wasting your time trying to sell a few odds and ends online, stop wondering and start doing!  This book will tell you step by step, in easy to understand details, just how to use internet video traffic to market to your product audience.


MRR Product #21 - Secrets To Free Hosting

Add Discover The Secrets To Free Web Hosting And Get A Massive Break In Cash Spent!
(Worth $47)

A step-by-step guide to teach you how to find and use all the benefits of free hosting and keep so much cash from disappearing from your wallet. This will surely make an impact in your internet business! This is quite beneficial for those with limited knowledge in this particular area.


MRR Product #22 - The Sales Lead System

Discover The Secrets To Getting More Leads And Have A Massive Boost In Your Business!
(Worth $37)

This Amazing Report Will Show You Exactly What You Need To Generate the Type of Leads You Really Need

Learn to Improve Your Knowledge About Generating Leads and Maximize Your Business Now!


MRR Product #23 - Traffic Flow

Discover How To Flood Your Site With Huge Amounts Of Traffic And Skyrocket Your Sales!
(Worth $27)

    • How top sites are driving floods of traffic from social media

  • A short guide to SEO and getting traffic from search engines

  • New media outlets and taking advantage of them

  • How to destroy your competitors with video

  • How top sites are driving floods of traffic from social media

  • Ads - The best way to use Facebook ads to get cheap visitors

  • ...and much, much more!


MRR Product #24 - Web Video Production For Non-Professionals

Learn the “Inner Sanctum” Web Video Secrets That Will Turn Your “Average” Video Into a Professional-Quality Masterpiece!
(Worth $97)


Learn The Secrets of Successful Videos That Boost Business and Attract Massive Public Attention and Exposure!

Download this book TODAY. And learn how to create a compelling video that virtually “demands” attention and gets people to watch it!


MRR Product #25 - WordPress Profit Doubler Software

Here's How You Can Double Your Chances Of Generating Profits From Visitors To Your WordPress Sales Pages, Automatically!
(Worth $97)

Getting visitors to your sales page often takes a lot of effort and/or money. Yet the vast majority of visitors to any sales page leave almost immediately, without ordering anything. WP Profit Doubler offers you an easy way to capture the attention of those visitors, giving you a valuable second chance at profits.

All these products individually could set you back THOUSANDS. Many of these products regularly sell for upwards of $47 (or more). But you won't pay any of that today. It's only $7 - we gotta eat everyday, too (lol!). Thanks for purchasing!

Yes, Lee, I want to take advantage of this special offer and get all 50 products with PLR and MRR, PLUS my own copy of this Profit-Pulling page to use for my own One Time Offers!

If you have any problems with your downloads, navigate directly to my helpdesk and leave your name, email, and your problem.