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The MMO With Freebies eCourse & Newsletter Launch Party

This is not (soley) an ecourse. It's about building a network. Of course it's an entirely selfish enterprise, but I know a bunch of people who'll be glad I did and thank me with endless devotion later on down the line; my USERS. People who'll be getting driven into this will see the utter, futile necessity of it all. I won't even have to waste time chasing their sorry-asses down.

The problem I dodge is having to cultivate anyones' interest; those who are loking for it, are doing so with a disciplined sense of desperation. Previously, when I was trying to raise my profile over @ Fiverr in their community, I had one writer practically beg me to be their guru as they were enrapt with some of the content I was slapping down. And as good an explanation of just why the newsletter may have particular relevance to anyone else - IF, they are coming from the content professional/freelancer spectrum.

And, having been a freelance search consultant and a bit of anon-the-spot info-hack, I feel I know my audience as well as anyone who identifies with their audience does. This is going to be a project where I find out for real what the deal is.


Mr Lee Davis is the owner/admin of, an instant publishing site for news, articles, information, multimedia, and infographic submissions along with exposure to profitable opportunities associated with content creation. Are you a content creator in need of an original way to generate laser-targeted buyer visitor traffic to your product and affiliateship salespages? Info can be found at the salespage. As a Web Developer and Writer with thirty-plus years of experience within both disciplines, Mr. Davis is currently freelancing other MMO-based ideas as well as the attendant eCourse connected to his personal info-product.