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Even though you'd THINK it was a slam-dunk of a no-brainer, there's more confusion than necessary when #contentcreators seek to monetize their by-products (articles, videos, ebooks, etc.).

How can you as a writer, author, or content freelancer initiate your own content power leverage? Those on the ball have already typed in one of the three following search queries into their engine(s) of choice;

"places to sell your content"
"selling digital content online"
"digital goods marketplace"

which will garner you a long list of content marketplaces, eCommerce storefronts, and other content-specific monetization locales.

It's incumbent upon you to assemble a list of all the sites that work for you and similar in the elements you need to create a profit-driven content distribution network. As all readers' needs differ, only the relevant #information is presented (search queries), and simultaneously acknowledges the constant fluctuation online in listing results.

One word of advice - build a site portfolio with resources that have branching, alternate sections like forums or another way members can correspond amongst each other. This element is of benefit to you in helping you raise your profile, and gain a competitive edge in whichever profit resources you're using.