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Nothing Is Less Common Than Common Sense (These Days)

You'd think that People would be smart enough to see through activity and literature on the suspect side of Common Sense, but, sadly, everyday thousands of people succumb to digital sheinanigans of super-dubiousness like hordes of cliff-leaping lemmings. I don't know about you, but the minute I hear that it takes either a "One-Time Investment" or "startup seed donation" or any of the variously-phrased ways of telling you that you are needed to be a primary sucker in the ponzi pyramid bottom, I'm already tuned-out as fuck.

It's true the saying, "It Takes Money To Make Money", but in the case of HYIP (High-Yield Investment Programs) and other borderline-fraudulent online scams, the creator of the "program" is shilling all the little, creepy schemers looking for something for nothing, who then scream bloody murder about the (obvious) scamrama they were just fleeced blind by. Part of the prevalent problem afflicting instant profit-driven niches (MMO, IM, MLM, et al) is the atmosphere of raw greed mixed with the all-too-willing suspension of disbelief cultivated in the last two decades by the mercilessly-unprincipled.

Where have you ever seen in the Real World, people making thousands upon thousands of dollars via the push of a button on their computer, with this process being driven by a ridiculously overpriced piece of software? Any job that DOES exist like that - on the level of air traffic controller, ballistic missle-system operator, robotics mgmt, and the like, require both stringently-high level of both education, and military/civilian clearance. Rendering the thousands of dollars overnight claims inert.

No matter HOW MUCH you want to believe that the level of money that can be generated via the "Laptop Lifestyle"; i.e. trying to hype tired, uninteresting income schemes to broke-frazzled wannabe Internet Marketing Rockstars in a dingy, flourescent-tinged greasy spoon, you're going to be driven to life-savings distraction much like these people that had "VICTIM" written all over their foreheads

Not only a cautionary tale, it's a virtual roadmap of who and what to avoid as you attempt to practice principled #eCommerce daily. You CAN make as much money as you want. But, you're advised to stick to #CommonSense ways to pursue #OnlineRevenueGeneration. Just don't jump out there like a deer in the headlights and get run over by the latest shiny gadget or socially-connected MMO trend. Remember: Get-Rich-Quick does NOT exist...unless a rich relative dies and you're the sole beneficiary, or it was your lucky day and you hit Lotto (US) or Lotto649 (CA) - the only two ways. Period.